Types Of Fulfillment

Event Fulfillment

This is possibly the most popular B2B type of fulfillment and can range from a few items to a hundred items per event. Popular with the retail industry, events have proven to be a successful traffic driver. It is critical that all elements of the event are put together without error and ON TIME to ensure success of the event. IS Fulfillment will do WHATEVER is necessary to ensure your event is a success.

Pick n’ Pack/E-Commerce

This type of fulfillment is nothing more than picking daily orders and is a response to an order being placed either by a consumer or by a purchasing/operations/marketing department in a business. Most orders are filled within 24-48 hours and are shipped the most economical method possible. IS Fulfillment can either utilize an existing ordering system or create a customized web based ordering system for you.

Kitting/Hand Work

Kitting is simply consolidating multiple items together into one or more larger packages. Typically, this is done when automation is not possible or cost effective. This type of fulfillment is the broadest in scope and is necessary in almost all industries. Due to lower labor rates in Springfield, MO, this type of fulfillment can be very cost effective for you since we are able to pass these lower costs to you.

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Displays, POP, sales literature, catalogs, sales kits or any sales and marketing collateral can be sent to us to warehouse and ordered as needed. Our web based ordering systems provide you with real time order and inventory tracking. This allows you to print a cost efficient quantity and not have to worry about storage space, inventory levels etc. Our ordering system even flags/emails you when an item is ready to reorder.


Looking for Warehouse space? IS Fulfillment can warehouse and ship your product by the pallet or box depending upon your needs. We provide this service regardless of whether we provide any fulfillment services. Due to the centralized location in the US and the lower cost of commercial property, IS Fulfillment has been able to offer very attractive warehousing rates. We typically charge on a per pallet/container but are flexible to other approaches including a cost per square foot etc.